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New Tribal Land Codes

ICIS will be moving to the Tribal Land data standard.  As a result, the existing codes in the ref_tribal_land table in ICIS will be updated to conform to the data standard.  The official data standard code is nine characters.  Since the code in ref_tribal_land is only four characters, and in order not to make major changes, we have converted the standard code to four characters by removing the zeros after the first character of "1" in the official code to create the new four character code that supports the data standard.  For example, if the official code is 100000028, the ICIS code will be 1028.

The below Excel attachments show the mapping from the old to the new Tribal Land codes, the list of the facilities that use these codes, and the tribal land names that the new codes represent and whether they are Active or Inactive codes in ICIS.

As part of this conversion, we will be doing a data fix to convert the existing used codes to the new code.  Where we could not convert an existing used code to a data standard code, we have kept the old code, but have made it inactive so that it can no longer be used.  We HIGHLY recommend that the old codes that could not be mapped be changed to a data standard code.  Not changing will not be a problem for web updating, but will be a problem for EDT updating as the EDT transactions will be rejected.

The conversion date has not been determined yet as we want to give EDT states sufficient time to convert to the new codes.

We plan to convert to the nine character code at some future date, but want to convert to the data standard now using four characters without making major changes.

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