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Reporting FIFRA and TSCA CBI through the Select Measures Workbook

Reporting FIFRA and TSCA CBI through the Select Measures Workbook


Beginning with FY 2016 end-of-year reporting, Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) confidential business information (CBI) may be reported using the Select Measures Workbook.  Prior to the certification date, a link to the OneDrive folder containing the Regional Select Measures Workbook will be sent to the regions and headquarter offices.


FY 2016 Select Measures Workbook includes a worksheet to report confidential business information in the following environmental benefit categories:


  • Estimated Toxics and Pesticides Reduced, Treated, or Eliminated (pounds) [Direct]
  • Toxic Chemicals and Pesticides Prevented from Misuse/Environmental Release (Pounds) [Preventative]
  • Estimated Contaminated Soil/Debris to be Cleaned Up (cubic yds)
  • Estimated Contaminated Water/Aquifer to be Cleaned Up (cubic yds)


Remember that to report CBI data, each region or headquarters’ office must report a minimum of three actions per measure. This ensures that the information we report is kept confidential. No case-specific environmental benefit values should be reported in the worksheet.


For additional information on reporting FIFRA or TSCA CBI data, contact Yolaanda Walker.

Contact:  Yolaanda Walker (202-564-4281 or


Source:  Updates and Clarifications Memorandum for FY 2016 End-of-Year Enforcement and Compliance Reporting and Certification

Date:  October 6, 2016

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