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Guide to submitting dataflows to ICIS

ICIS users who want to submit XMLs via the Batch EDT process must have a CDX account and request access to the specific dataflow and node: (for access to ICIS Test or ICIS Stage:

To submit XML data to ICIS Production, use the ICIS-NPDES Dataflow on the NGNProd2.0 Node.  This can be found on the Production Exchange Network Services Center: .

To submit XMLs to ICIS Test, use the ICIS-AIR Dataflow ('ICIS-AIR' is all caps; avoid the other 'ICIS-Air' dataflow.) on the NGNTest2.0 Node.  This can be found on the Test Exchange Network Services Center: .

To submit XMLs to ICIS Stage, use the ICIS-NPDES Dataflow on the NGNTest2.0 Node (Not NGNDev2.0).  This can be found on the Test Exchange Network Services Center:

(Dataflow and node names should change to more intuitive values in the future.)


Node endpoint URLs

XML Validator to check for any mistakes in the XML before submitting:

Retrieving ICIS data with the ICIS Data Access (ICISDA) Dataflow:

Steve Rubin's Excel spreadsheet tool for mapping Excel data into the ICIS XML format: 

More information about ICIS data flows can be found at and 

ICIS-NPDES and ICIS-Air EDT/Batch technical specification documents are here: 

Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) Support For State And Local Agencies from Windsor Solutions:

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