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Guide to submitting dataflows to ICIS

ICIS-NPDES Dataflow documents and information: .

ICIS-Air Dataflow documents and information: .

EDT Technical Specifications (Tech Specs): .


To submit XMLs to ICIS Production, use the ICIS-NPDES Dataflow on the NGNProd2.0 Node.  This can be found on the Production Exchange Network Services Center: .

To submit XMLs to ICIS Test, use the ICIS-AIR Dataflow on the NGNTest2.0 Node ('ICIS-AIR' is all caps; avoid the other 'ICIS-Air' dataflow).  This can be found on the Test Exchange Network Services Center:

To submit XMLs to ICIS Stage, use the ICIS-NPDES Dataflow on the NGNTest2.0 Node (Not NGNDev2.0).  This can be found on the Test Exchange Network Services Center:


Registration: ICIS users who want to submit XMLs via the Batch EDT process must have a CDX account and request access to the specific dataflow and node: (for access to ICIS Test or ICIS Stage:

CDX's XML Validator Tool to check for any validation errors in the XML before submitting: (click Retrieve, then under the SOAP Method : SchemaValidate, enter your CDX user ID, password, documentType of 'ICIS_v5_9', then upload your XML file to validate and click Invoke to get the results of the validity of the XML).

ICIS Data Access (ICISDA) Dataflow to retrieve ICIS data (reverse of EDT submissions):

Steve Rubin's Excel spreadsheet tool for mapping Excel data into the ICIS XML format: .

Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) Support For State And Local Agencies from Windsor Solutions

Node endpoint URLs


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