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ICIS Password Management

FOR FEDERAL (EPA & Federal Contractors) USERS

For Federal EPA and Federal Contractors, your ICIS login (or Single Sign On) User ID and password are the same as your EPA LAN ID and password.

To change a current password:

  1. From your keyboard, hit Ctrl+Alt+Del
  2. Choose Change Password

If you need assistance, please contact your local IT support staff or the EPA CallCenter.


FOR EXTERNAL (States & Non-Federal Contractors) USERS

For State users and non-Federal Contractors, your ICIS login ID and Password is managed by EPA's Web Access Management (WAM) tool. Obtaining an ICIS User ID and Password involves registering to a WAM Community.

Prior to doing any of the steps below, please contact and consult with your appropriate Regional ICIS System Administrator. They can help guide you and assist if you have any questions/problems. To see the list of Regional Admins, click here.

Registering for a WAM Community:

  1. Access the EPA portal
  2. Click on the link 'Self Register'
  3. Fill out the form. Be sure to enter your appropriate Regional ICIS Admin as your EPA contact and choose your appropriate Community from the drop-down box. 
  4. Click Submit Registration

Your Regional ICIS Admin (EPA Contact person) will receive an email notifying them that you have applied for access to the appropriate WAM Community. Your Regional ICIS Admin will need to approve your request. You will receive an email notification once your Regional ICIS Admin has approved your request. 

Your Regional ICIS Administrator will then register you in ICIS and notify you when you have been fully registered and can access ICIS. Your User ID will be assigned to you at the time you registered with the WAM Community, and your ICIS password is the password you established on the WAM Community registration form.

Please note, that Regional ICIS Administrators and ICIS Support do not know, nor have access to, users password information. They also do not have access to reset passwords, nor will they ever ask you what your password is. If you should ever need to have your password changed, please see the steps below. If you have problems acquiring your User ID, password, or Community Registration, you may contact WAM Support at

To change a current password:

  1. Access the EPA portal
  2. Login using your WAM id and your current password
  3. Click on “User Profile”
  4. Create a new password that is more meaningful for you to use

If you've forgotten your password:

To establish a new password, click the “Forgot User-ID or Password” utility on the EPA Portal. The steps are listed below:

      1. Access the EPA portal
      2. Click the “Forgot User ID or Password” link on the EPA Portal Main Page

When second page opens,

      1. Enter your User Name (WAM ID)
      2. Click on “Reset and Email My Password
      3. You will receive an email with a new temporary password.   

Your temporary password will need to be changed. To learn more about changing your password, see section above called "To change a current password:"

If you've forgotten your User ID, at the bottom of the same page,

      1. Enter your First and Last names
      2. Click on "Lookup and Email My User Name"
      3. You will receive an email with your User name listed

Please Note: 

After 90 days a user is prompted to reset their WAM password. If the user does not reset their password within another 90 days (grace period), the user account is automatically deleted from WAM.

If the user's account is deleted from WAM, the user can self-register for a new account. After the account is approved by a community manager, a Regional or HQ system administrator can create a new ICIS profile if the user’s new WAM ID is different than their previous WAM ID.



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