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Why are 'inactive' Facility Type values showing up to choose from?

Inactive values in the Facility Type dropdown list is a known "bug". Only the active values should display.

On the web, if a state uses an inactive value, ICIS will save it as ICIS only checks to see if the value is in the reference table. The reason for this is the application is only supposed display active values when adding new and, if an inactive value had previously been saved when active, it could be re-saved. On the other hand, EDT (batch) processing checks that the value is in the reference table and is active.

For states that submit EDT basic permit XML transactions where an inactive value is saved for Facility Type Ownership in ICIS, the transaction will reject even if the transaction does not contain the FacilityTypeOwnership tag because EDT processing checks all fields that can be processed for that XML data submission type whether or not the tag is submitted.

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