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How Do I Trigger Expected DMRs?

Sometimes it is discovered that expected DMRs are not in ICIS. We're not sure how or why this happens, but there is an easy solution to trigger ICIS to recognize that a DMR is expected.

To manually trigger expected DMRs –

  1. Search Permit
  2. Click on “Limit Sets”
  3. You will have to follow the same steps for each Limit Set (001-A and 002-A)
  4. Click on the Limit Set 001 –A hyperlink
  5. Click on the “Manage Status” icon
  6. On the Second line, add “Inactive” with today’s date
  7. Click “done.”
  8. Click "Cancel" to return to Limit Set screen
  9. Click “Save & continue”
  10. Click on the “Manage Status” icon again
  11. Put a check in the box on the 2nd line for the “Inactive” record.
  12. Click “done”
  13. Click “Save & continue”
  14. Do this for all limit sets.
  15. Search DMRs to make sure there are now “Expected DMRs” in ICIS.

If, after having performed these steps, you still do not see your expected DMRs, check to ensure that the Parameter's End Dates match the permit's Expiration Date. Also, check to ensure there are no unsubmitted DMRs. If there are no unsubmitted DMRs, the paramter's End Dates match the permit's Expiration Date, and expected DMRs are still not being generated after performing the steps above, please contact ICIS Support. 

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