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How do I remove or edit Lat/Long info from a facility?

For facilities with ICIS and NPDES Program Ids, users can remove or change the Lat/Long information within ICIS. ICIS records Lat/Long information in both Decimal degrees and in Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds. When a user enters Lat/Long information, they enter one set of values, and ICIS will automatically convert and fill in the other set. To delete Lat/Long information, the user must ensure that BOTH decimal degrees and degrees, minutes, seconds are cleared of all of their values. If the Lat/Long information is to be edited, it is best if the user first deletes all Lat/Long information, click Save, then enter the new value. By doing this, ICIS will perform the automatic conversion from one set to the other (either from degrees, minutes, seconds to decimal degrees or vice versa).

For facilities with Program IDs other than ICIS or NPDES, the user can not edit or change the facility's Lat/Long information as ICIS is not the system of record for that ID. If an ICIS user notes an erroneous Lat/Long for a facility with a Program ID other than ICIS or NPDES, that user must contact the appropriate Data Steward for that Program, let them know of the data error, and wait for their response. Once the change has been made in the appropriate system of record, ICIS should pick up the change on the next ICIS to FRS data exchange. 

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