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Why are the Law Sections Missing?

It was confirmed that the data exists in the database; however, the Law Section value is not displaying on the Edit CM screen because it has a rank order = 1 in the database.  This is a known issue with the Data Migration. For CMs, there is no concept of Primary Law Section, so Law Section rank order should equal 0 for CMs. A data fix Defect Request was opened to handle addressing these migrated CMs that have a Law Section with rank order = 1 ( in order to update them with rank order = 0).  You can go through the Manage Statutes/Sections wizard and then save the record.  When you open the wizard, you can hit next and the law section will appear, then you can click done in the wizard.  After that, you can save the record.  Again, we’ll announce when the Data Fix will be done, but in the meantime, you can use the Manage Statute/Section button to populate the value.

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