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Air Toxics Reporting Guidance



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Air Toxics Reporting Guidance


 Federal Air Toxics initiative data should be entered into AFS using the following three steps:


Step One:  Identify the Air Toxics Initiative Universe in AFS using the AMBM field


Step Two:  Enter Appropriate Compliance/Enforcement Activities


Step Three:  Enter Appropriate Enforcement Activities


Detailed information regarding what do you do for various scenarios as well as the possible AMBM and Air Toxic National action type values can be found in the attached document.


The FY 2009 Air Toxics Full Compliance Evaluation (FCE), Partial Compliance Evaluation (PCE), and investigation metrics will be updated in the FY 2009 certification workbooks to reflect the new Air Toxics initiative metrics.


Please contact Betsy Metcalf at (202) 564-5962 if you need assistance in entering Air Toxics initiative data into AFS.

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