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OECA reporting “no GPRA results available” in FY2009 for Compliance Assistance GPRA Measures 988 and 992 (02.25.2009)



Karin Koslow/DC/USEPA/US


Christopher Knopes/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Jim Pendergast/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Rick Duffy/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Kenneth Gigliello/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Richard Colbert/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, John Dombrowski/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Lucy Reed/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Daniel Palmer/DC/USEPA/US@EPA


Lisa Lund/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, David Hindin/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Robbi Farrell/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Marion Herz/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Sara Ager/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Daniel Holic/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Seth Heminway/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Tom Ripp/DC/USEPA/US@EPA


02/25/2009 08:44 AM


Memo re: No FY09 GPRA Results to be Reported for Compliance Assistance Activities



Several weeks ago, during a DD mtg I updated everyone on a decision that was made by Catherine McCabe that we would not report GPRA results this FY for the compliance assistance program.  A more formal memo will be sent around to Regions under Lisa's signature soon, but to address questions that have been coming up recently within OECA (as we approach mid-year) I put together this memo for your use and information.  Pls let me know if you have any questions.  Thnx.

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