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Counting and Reporting Inspections Conducted By Inspectors Using Federal Credentials

Reporting Inspections to ICIS Conducted by Tribal Inspectors Using Federal Credentials

 Purpose:  In FY 2008, the Office of Compliance initiated a pilot project for manually collecting data about inspections conducted by Tribal inspectors using Federal credentials.  This data was reported but was not part of the FY08 EOY certification process. 

 For FY 2009, in accordance with the OC memorandum dated September 19, 2008, “Counting and Reporting Inspections Conducted Using Federal Credentials,” the Regions are required to report inspections conducted by Tribal inspectors using federal credentials into ICIS.  This is a new ICIS data reporting requirement.

 Data Entry:   To identify an inspection in ICIS as one conducted by a Tribal inspector using federal credentials simply select “Tribal – Using Federal Credentials” in the Compliance Monitoring Agency Type field on the Compliance Monitoring screen: (See attatchment below)

 Data Retrieval:  Data on Tribal inspections conducted with federal credentials will be collected from ICIS and certified in FY 2009, and will be included in the Annual Results materials, Accomplishment Report, and AA Trip Reports for FY 2010.  The number of inspections conducted by Tribal inspectors using federal credentials will be retrieved from ICIS using a new report that is being constructed now.  These inspections will be counted in a new inspection category, i.e., they will not be reported as or combined with federal inspections. 


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