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Compliance Assistance Monthly Managers Report prompts (4-29-11)

The CA Compliance Monthly Managers Report contains a prompt for "Activity Created Prior To:" This prompt allows a user to pull CA activities entered into ICIS before a certain date. In other words, when the ICIS record is created. To review CA activities within a date range use the "Actual Start Fiscal Quarters," or "Actual Completion Fiscal Quarter" prompts. These date prompts will pull data based on the date of the activity.

The "Activity Created Prior To" prompt was added to the report because in the past there has been a large amount of data entered into ICIS during certain peak periods and this prompt helps a user regulate the amount of data being pulled.

Regarding the ways CA activities are counted in ICIS. CA activities can be entered with either a start or completion date. If an activity has both a start and a completion date the activity is only be counted once. If activities cross FY (or possibly quarters) they could be counted multiple times.




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