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FY2009 Compliance Assistance Policy Changes: ICIS Record Aggregation and Web Activity Data Entry

The purpose of this memorandum is to advise users of the compliance assistance module in the Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) of some adjustments to reporting policies.  Specifically, we are changing the policy on aggregating data within a single record and how we define web-based compliance assistance (CA).  Also included in this memorandum is guidance on the preparations that the Regions need to take for entering Web activity data into ICIS later this year.  Lastly we are including several general reporting reminders for FY 2009. 


Records Aggregation Policy Changes

Under our FY2008 policy See memo signed by James Edward (CASPD) and David Hindin (ETDD):  Policy Changes Affecting Data Entry in the Compliance Assistance Module of the Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS) in FY 2008, September 20, 2007, on aggregation of CA activities, we tried to strike a balance between the need to correlate specific activity outcomes to the specific activity, and not creating an undue burden on data entry requirements.  To encourage data entry, we allowed certain categories of compliance assistance activities to be aggregated into a single ICIS record, but we also disallowed aggregation of certain activities to ensure data integrity for those activities that typically have outcome measures associated with them.  In both instances, the lines drawn depended in part on whether the activity was in support of an OECA National Priority and linked to the CA Annual Commitment System (ACS) commitment.  For the reasons explained below, we are changing the policy on which compliance assistance activities can be aggregated into a single record, and which activities must have a unique ICIS record.

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