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Compliance Assistance Conclusion Data Sheet (CACDS) definition

The Compliance Assistance Conclusion Data Sheet (CACDS) is a tool to be used for on-site compliance assistance visits.  EPA staff should use this form to record information during or immediately after a Compliance Assistance (CA) on-site visit.  To ensure data quality in ICIS, there needs to be written documentation supporting the data that is entered. This form is not to be used when conducting an inspection and compliance assistance is ancillary to compliance monitoring; the ICDS form should be used for that purpose.  The information recorded on this form should be entered into ICIS within two weeks of when the visit occurred, along with the other information required in ICIS.  In addition, the completed form should be submitted to your Regional CA Coordinator during the same quarter of the on-site visit. This form has been specifically designed to assist EPA personnel with inputting the results of on-site compliance assistance visits and re-visits into ICIS.  The CACDS is a user-friendly tool that will help in our efforts to continually improve the quality of our data collection and reporting.  


The CACDS was originally developed and piloted in FY 2004, and the form was revised in FY 2005 to reflect the feedback gathered from the Regions during the pilot stage.  Specifically, the changes include modifying the format so the questions from ICIS that also appear on the CACDS follow the same sequence as in ICIS.  In addition, mandatory fields in ICIS are marked with an asterisk (*) on the CACDS; note that not all mandatory ICIS fields are on the CACDS.  In addition, all of the “picklist” options on the CACDS are now consistent with those in ICIS, and questions on the pilot form that were not captured in ICIS were either removed from the CACDS, or moved to the end of the CACDS.  The CACDS is a helpful tool for ensuring your compliance assistance data is accurate and complete.


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