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Database of Record for NPDES Inspections - ICIS-NPDES vs. PCS

ICIS-NPDES is now the database of record for inspection data (both state and federal) for states that have been migrated to ICIS-NPDES. PCS remains the database of record for inspections (both state and federal) for states that have not been migrated.

This change in the official database of record for migrated state inspection data (both state and Federal) is necessary in that these states, and EPA for inspections conducted in these states, are not required to enter any data into PCS after the date of migration. To get all of their inspections we have to go to ICIS-NPDES.

As a result, at EOY, some of the inspection counts for each Regions will come from PCS while other comes from ICIS-NPDES. To get the total inspection count for a given Region we will have to add the PCS and the ICIS-NPDES numbers together, manually.

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