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Entering Outcome Information on a Final Order That Has an Appeal Pending or Ongoing

Entering Outcome Information on a Final Order That May Be or Has Been Appealed

EPA enters the case outcomes in ICIS based on the Order issued by the U.S. District Court within 10 business days of the Order being signed by the court. Knowing that an appeal may be or has been filed does not affect this ICIS data entry rule.

If any of the case outcomes change as a result of the appeal, users should overwrite the original value(s) with the updated information. In addition, users should enter the original values (from the original order) and the revised values (resulting from the appeal) into the "Case Summary" and "Attorney Comment" fields.

Only the most recent penalties, injunctive relief, cost recovery etc. should be reflected in the respective ICIS data fields. This is necessary so that ICIS and ICIS reports will accurately reflect the most up-to-date information.

Sara Ager

July 2013


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