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Expansion of Big Case Definition - Air Toxic Cases > 200,000 Pounds of Air Toxic Emissions - March 22, 2010

Expansion of Big Case Definition to Include Certain Air Toxic Cases


Purpose:  In accordance with an approved recommendation of the Measures Review Board, the Big Case definition is being expanded in FY 2010 to include Air Toxics enforcement cases that produce 200,000 lbs. or more in pollutant reductions of air toxics emissions.  This will be used in the Big Case projections and in Key Management Measure 3.


Data Entry:  Air toxics cases that are expected to produce pollutant reductions that meet this threshold should be entered into the ICIS Big Case projection screen as is done for Big Cases now.  Note:  a case that produces 200,000 lbs. of emission reductions, only a portion of which are air toxics, would not qualify for inclusion on the Big Case list.  The case must have 200,000 + lbs. of air toxic emission reductions.


Data Retrieval:  Because currently there is no way to automatically identify in ICIS air toxic cases that meet the Big Case threshold, the regions and OECA offices should contact Naisa Thaker in the Office of Compliance (202-564-2944; to inform her of these cases so that she may manually add them to the official Big Case projection list.  This should be done at the time the case is first projected as a Big Case, and again when the case is lodged or concluded.


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