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Collection of Compliance Assistance Outcome Data - March 22, 2010

Collection of Compliance Assistance Outcome Data


Purpose:  Changes in FY 2010 that impact reporting of compliance assistance information in ICIS will be detailed in a separate forthcoming memorandum from the Compliance Assistance and Sector Programs Division.  In summary, this year there are changes relating to the way that assistance outcomes will be collected and used to contribute to the new media specific GPRA measures.  The memorandum also addresses reporting of web-based compliance assistance (internet downloads), reporting of outcomes from Webinars and associated presentations, and a reminder that facility visits should not be aggregated in ICIS.  Please direct questions to Catherine Tunis (202) 564-0476 or Seth Heminway (202) 564-7017.


Data Entry:  The compliance assistance, complying action field, which was previously used to record improved environmental management practices, has been replaced with two separate fields.  One field records facility actions that are observed during facility visits and will be used to report under the new GPRA measures, while the second field captures facility actions that were self-reported during facility visits. 


Data Retrieval:  A new report will shortly be posted in ICIS for retrieving the new GPRA data.


March 22, 2010

FY 2010 Reporting Plan

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