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Reporting Compliance Assistance in ICIS-2005 Guidance Addendum 3-05

This FY 2005 addendum to the Compliance Assistance (CA) ICIS Guidance:

  • Identifies changes to a few of the CA definitions that were made since the original CA in ICIS guidance was issued in February 2004 and clarifies other definitions that did not appear to be well understood; 
  • Provides an update on the status of requested changes to the CA module in ICIS;
  • Provides additional examples or protocols for how CA activities should be entered in ICIS and clarifies protocols that confused staff during last year’s data entry;
  • Gives additional guidance on methods for collecting CA outcome measures and explains what should be reported, particularly for direct assistance activities; and
  • Shares the FY 2005 Mid-Year/End-of-Year Template for CA which Regions and Headquarters will use to certify data.
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