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Facility Response Plan (FRP) Inspection Data Entry to ICIS - Clean Water Act (CWA) 311(j) (03.22.2010)


Beginning in FY 2010, in accordance with a decision of the MRB, approved by the Enforcement Directors and the OECA Assistant Administrator, Regions are now required to enter Clean Water Act (CWA) section 311(j) Facility Response Plan (FRP) inspections into ICIS. This requirement includes entry of Inspection Conclusion Data Sheet information (ICDS) for the FRP inspections. FRP inspections are to be entered to ICIS using the Law Section, "CWA : 311 : Oil and Hazardsous Substance Liability : FRP."

FRP inspections will be counted at mid-year and end-of-year in a new inspection category (a new row in the Certification Workbook) and will be included in the Certification Workbook tables for both total inspection counts and ICDS inspection counts.

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