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Final Guidance on the Reporting of CWA NPDES Wet Weather and CAFO Inspections to PCS, Other Reporting Changes to PCS, and Changes to the 3560-3 Water Compliance Inspection Report Form, and EPA Responses to Comments Received on the Draft Guidance

This guidance implements PCS modifications for entry of inspection data (particularly for wet weather inspections) that take effect for EPA for the NPDES Inspection Year (IY) 2006 which began July 1, 2005 and for the states when they begin reporting data to the ICIS-NPDES data system. The guidance also describes other PCS reporting changes, including changes related to single event violations. The final guidance also describes PCS data entry and software changes that were necessary to implement the changes made by the guidance.


The changes described in this guidance are being made to address the change in focus of the NPDES program that has occurred over the last twenty years and the significant increase in the NPDES permitting program universe, which has quadrupled in the last fifteen years. As the NPDES program has increasingly focused on wet weather discharges, concerns were raised that EPA was not able to accurately distinguish between standard inspections and wet weather inspections. The PCS modifications described in this guidance are being made to address those concerns.

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