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Entering and Retrieving EPA Oversight Inspections in ICIS-NPDES

Step-by-step Process For Entering and Retrieving EPA Oversight Inspections in ICIS-NPDES:


  • Select the Federal Statute in this case, CWA.
  • Enter the appropriate Law Section information (e.g., Section 402)
  • Select the NPDES Facility Interest by clicking Facilities and searching for the facility.  If the facility/site is a typical major or a minor permittee, click on the facility that has the correct NPDES permit number to link it to the inspection.  If the facility/site is subject to a general permit, is an unpermitted discharger, or an NPDES permit number does not exist in ICIS,  a NPDES permit record will need to be created and the appropriate facility information entered into the database.  More specific directions can be found in the ICIS Training Manual.
  • Under the Compliance Monitoring Category, select Alternative Inspection/Monitoring
  • Under Region, select the appropriate regional or HQ office
  • Type in a Compliance Monitoring Activity Name (e.g., ABC Chemical)
  • Under the Compliance Monitoring Type, select Oversight
  • Enter the planned or actual start and end dates
  • Under Compliance Monitoring Action Reason, select the appropriate option that applies to the oversight inspection (core, selected monitoring action, agency priority, random inspection,citizen complaint).   If you don't know the reason, ask the first-line supervisor.
  • Under Compliance Monitoring Agency Type, select U.S. EPA
  • Under Compliance Monitoring Agency Name, select Environmental Protection Agency
  • Select the following answers (from the drop down menus) to the four following questions: 
  1. If state, local or tribal lead, did EPA assist?  Answer is NO.
  2. Was this a state, federal or joint inspection?  Answer “joint” if both the state and EPA were present.  Answer "federal" if only EPA was present.
  3. If joint what was the purpose?  Answer is “Oversight purposes”
  4. Which party has the lead?  Answer is “EPA”
  • Do NOT enter data for data fields pertaining to the Inspection Conclusion Data Sheet (ICDS), Compliance Monitoring Action Outcome, and the Inspection Rating Code.  These data fields do not apply to EPA oversight inspections. 
  • Regions should complete the data fields associated with SIC/NAICS codes, National Priority, Regional Priority, Media Monitored, Multimedia Indicator, and the Number of Days or Hours to conduct the inspection. 


Data Retrieval:  The ICIS-NPDES Ad Hoc report pulls on the Compliance Monitoring Type "Oversight", and the Agency Types: U.S. EPA and Regional to retrieve EPA oversight inspections from ICIS-NPDES.   


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