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CAA Partial Compliance Evaluation (PCE) definition

The definition of a PCE can be found in the 2001 CAA Stationary Source Compliance Monitoring Strategy (CMS).  The CMS is attached, and is also available electronically at:

(See Attachment)

 The definition for a PCE is provided on page 6.  It reads as follows:


A Partial Compliance Evaluation is a documented compliance assessment focusing on a subset of regulated pollutants, regulatory requirements, or emission units at a given facility.  A Partial Compliance Evaluation should be more comprehensive than a cursory review of individual reports.  It may be conducted solely for the purpose of evaluating a specific aspect of a facility, or combined over the course of a year (or up to three years at mega-sites) to satisfy the requirements of a Full Compliance Evaluation.

This type of evaluation could be used for example to effectively assess compliance with the HON MACT requirements if that is the primary area of concern at a chemical manufacturing facility.  If at some point later in the year, the regulatory agency decided a Full Compliance Evaluation was necessary, the agency could combine the results of the MACT evaluation with subsequent evaluations focusing on the balance of other CAA requirements.


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