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Guidance for Reporting NSR/PSD Non-Applicability/Undetermined Investigations to AFS

The non-applicability action type (NN) should be used for the Regions to report NSR/PSD investigations at facilities that turned out not to be subject to NSR/PSD.  NN stands for: 'EPA NSR/PSD Non-Applicability Determination Investigation'.


The proper entry of a non-applicable NSR/PSD investigation is as follows.  If a Region initiates a NSR/PSD investigation, and it turns out the facility is not subject to NSR/PSD, the Region should enter the activity twice:

  • Using the EI investigation code to document the work, against an appropriate air program code (i.e., Title V or SIP), and
  • Enter the non-applicability action type (NN) to document non-applicability.


Entering the investigation this way will ensure it is counted in the metric: "All Federal Civil Investigations" metric as well as in the metric: "National Priority NSR/PSD Investigations".


Please contact Betsy Metcalf at 202-564-5962 or David Sprague at 202-564-4103 if you have any questions about this guidance.


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