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Modifying an inspection in ICIS

B. To Modify an inspection

1. Open ICIS at

2. sign in using User ID and ICIS password

3. Click on Activities

4. In Activity Type pull down menu, choose Compliance Monitoring.

5. In Activity Name, type in name of the inspection you entered, i.e., %Lopez, if you entered your name as part of the record, or "%French" if you entered the facility's name.

6. Click on Search

7. Click on the link to the inspection you entered and make any additions/corrections.

8. Click on Save to save changes.

With the implementation of ICIS 2.0, ICIS-NPDES, in June 2006 some compliance monitoring fields which were previously editable can no longer be edited. In certin situations, the inspection record will have to be deleted and re-entered with the correct information. These requirements are the result of PCS modernization and enhancement requests to make CM activity functionality the way it was under ICIS 1.0 have been submitted to the ICIS Team. A decision is pending.


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