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nterim Inspection Conclusion Data Sheet (ICDS) Manual (2-1-07)

 In an effort to assist regional and headquarters inspection programs in meeting the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) measurement goal for the ICDS program, the Office of Compliance (OC) has developed the document entitled Interim ICDS Manual.  This manual serves as a training tool and quick reference for EPA inspectors, their supervisors, and those responsible for data entry to improve the quality of data entry; assist EPA inspectors in identifying and choosing appropriate compliance deficiencies and corrective actions in ICIS to report the ICDS data; and help EPA inspectors in identifying compliance deficiencies that can be corrected by the facility during an on-site inspection.  OC developed the manual based on regional visits by staff and feedback received from the regions and headquarters offices. 


The manual discusses ICDS procedures with respect to data collection, reporting, and data entry into the ICDS-module in ICIS.  The manual also lists practical examples of on-site deficiencies that can be corrected immediately while the inspector is at the facility.  OC will finalize the document by late July.  Contact Rafael Sanchez, 202-564-7028 for more information.


The Interim ICDS Manual is posted on the Inspector Website at:



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