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Inspection Conclusion Data Sheet (ICDS) definition

The Inspection Conclusion Data Sheet (ICDS) is a one-page form developed by the Compliance Assistance and Media Programs Division (CASPD) of the Office of Compliance (OC) that captures the following events that occur during on-site inspections/evaluations:

            1) deficiencies communicated to the facility by the inspector;

            2) actions taken at the time of the inspection/evaluation to address the deficiencies communicated; and

            3) compliance assistance that is provided by the inspector. 


HQ's National Compliance Monitoring and Policy (CMP) Branch within CAMPD collects, analyses, and evaluates ICDS data.


As part of its evaluation, the CMP Branch is involved in a number of activities including ensuring data quality, identifying lessons learned, determining the reporting rate, identifying success stories by region and program, and preparing reports on the data.


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