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Entering Ultra-low sulfur diesel and off-road inspections into ICIS

JohnC Connell in the HQ's Mobile Source Office has offered to coordinate entering the data into ICIS for the Region.  Please contact John directly for assistance.


If the Regions input the ULSD/off road inspections into ICIS themselves (instead of requesting assistance from the HQ Mobile Source Office) here are the directions for entering the compliance monitoring activity-inspection:


  1. law: CAA
  2. for ULSD inspections enter  section:  CAA 211 Regulations of Fuels-Motor Vehicle and Engine Fuels: Mobile Sources or
  3. for off road engine inspections enter  section:  CAA 213 Non-road Engines and Vehicles:        Mobile Sources
  4. compliance monitoring category: comprehensive
  5. compliance monitoring type:  motor vehicle fuels
  6. program is automatically filled in as Mobile Sources when section 211 or 213 is selected


There are additional fields to fill out such as inspection date, inspector name etc.  Basic how-to guidance is available in the ICIS 2.0 User Guide July 2006 available in ICIS under Reports-System Administration. 


These inspections will be counted on the FE&C national standard report, Compliance Inspections/Evaluations, which can be found in the ICIS FE&C Reports, National Standard Reports,  folder.  These inspections will be counted in the "Mobile Source" category and the detailed report will provide information to tell which are ULSD or non-road.  

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