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Reporting Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Underground Injection Control (UIC) inspections (04.02.2008)

Reporting SDWA-UIC Inspections

Purpose:  As in recent FYs, in FY ‘08 EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Underground Injection Control (UIC) inspections may be reported into either ICIS, into the Office of Water (OW) UIC database, or into both.  If they are reported into ICIS, or into both systems, the final data will be extracted from ICIS.  If the data is reported into the OW UIC database only, the Region must report it manually in the certification workbook.


Data Entry: Federal UIC inspections must be reported into either ICIS or into the OW UIC database, or into both. 


Data Retrieval:  The ICIS FE&C national standard inspection report entitled, “Compliance Inspections,” extracts all federal compliance monitoring activities entered in ICIS which were previously manually reported prior to FY 2006.  This includes UIC inspections if entered into ICIS. 


If a Region is reporting its UIC inspections into only the OW UIC database, then the Region must obtain their UIC inspection count from this database, or from their own local database that feeds the OW UIC database, and manually report this data in the inspection worksheet of the certification workbook at mid-year and end-of-year.


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