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Final ICIS Data Entry Guidance for Energy Extraction Inspections and Evaluations (12.08.2010)

From:                     Kenneth Gigliello/DC/USEPA/US

To:                          Morgan Jencius/R5/USEPA/US@EPA

Cc:                          Alan Annicella/R4/USEPA/US@EPA, Alan Walts/R5/USEPA/US@EPA, Andrew Anderson/R5/USEPA/US@EPA, Angela Baranco/R9/USEPA/US@EPA, Art Palomares/R8/USEPA/US@EPA, Barbara McGarry/R2/USEPA/US@EPA, Betty Barnes/R3/USEPA/US@EPA, Connie Overbay/R6/USEPA/US@EPA, Debra Griffin/R6/USEPA/US@EPA, Jim Grove/R9/USEPA/US@EPA, Kelly Huynh/R10/USEPA/US@EPA, Kelly Sisario/R4/USEPA/US@EPA, Kimberly Burch/NEIC/USEPA/US@EPA, Lauris Davies/R10/USEPA/US@EPA, Mark Hague/R7/USEPA/US@EPA, Mark Mahoney/R1/USEPA/US@EPA, Neal Gilbert/R7/USEPA/US@EPA, Roger Janson/R1/USEPA/US@EPA, Samantha Beers/R3/USEPA/US@EPA, Mike Gaydosh/R8/USEPA/US@EPA, Cindy Beeler/R8/USEPA/US@EPA, Bernadette Rappold/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, John Blevins/R6/USEPA/US@EPA, Stephen Gilrein/R6/USEPA/US@EPA, Samantha Beers/R3/USEPA/US@EPA, Rick Duffy/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Jon Silberman/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Barbara McGarry/R2/USEPA/US@EPA, Cynthia Reynolds/R8/USEPA/US@EPA, Kaye Mathews/R8/USEPA/US@EPA, Kathleen Malone/R2/USEPA/US, Jeff Kenknight/R10/USEPA/US@EPA, John Keenan/R10/USEPA/US@EPA, Ann Pontius/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Mamie Miller/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Marcia Mia/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Dan Chadwick/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Michael Mundell/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Michael Barrette/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Marcia Mia/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Dan Chadwick/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Rochele Kadish/DC/USEPA/US, Rebecca Kane/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, David Meredith/DC/USEPA/US@EPA

Date:                      12/21/2010 04:49 PM

Subject:                 Interim Final FY 2011 ICIS Data Entry Guidance for Energy Extraction Inspections and Evaluations



FYI:  We made some recent additions to the Interim Final ICIS Data Entry Guidance for Energy Extraction Inspections and Evaluations. 

 (See Attachment)

 Here is a summary of the changes:


  • Added information discussing entering compliance status and enforcement actions into the official databases of record


  • Added information on the various tracking and targeting tools that will be made available through the Online Tracking Information System (OTIS) to allow users to examine the universe of facilities (as known in national databases) with corresponding information about inspections, violations, SNC/HPV and enforcement.  The information shown in OTIS focuses more on the targeting and transparency aspect of the program.


  • Added information on the development of the Energy Extraction “knowledge base” on the Online Tracking Information System (OTIS) site, which will help regions and headquarters track and plan activities under the initiative. By entering compliance status data (violations, HPV, SNC) into the database of record, OECA will be able to better manage the initiative, as well as provide an informational and targeting tool that is updated monthly on OTIS through the knowledge base.


  • Added Information About Program System Data for use in OTIS (AFS, PCS, ICIS-NPDES, and RCRAInfo) -- The OTIS Knowledge Base will provide two summary reports that are updated monthly.  One report will provide standard time since last inspection, violation, SNC/HPV status, and enforcement actions for EPA and state activities that have been conducted over 5 years (inspections and enforcement) or 3 years (violations).  Essentially, this is the same report shown in OTIS know, with a filter on the SIC NAICS code.  A second report will developed in OTIS that will provide a FY view of activities performed by the Regional office only.  The universe of facilities shown in this view again will be bound by the SIC/NAICS codes specified above.  This new report will provide a running tally of what the Region has done.  It will only include program system data.  In addition to these two reports, EPA is developing a new resource that brings in Gas and Oil facilities from private business directories.  Many of the facilities that are in this business directory will likely not be in EPA program systems.  OTIS will be providing functionality that will allow the Regions to automatically compare the business directories to known, regulated facilities in the NPDES, CAA, and RCRA programs.  It is important that if the Region conducts activities at facilities that were previously unknown to EPA (meaning they are not in the program databases), that an initial record be added to the program database – which will allow tracking of inspection results, violation determinations, and enforcement.


Ken Gigliello
Associate Director
Compliance Assessment and Media Programs Division (CAMPD)
Office of Compliance
Mail Code 2223-A, Room 7138-AR
202-564-7047 (office)
202-564-0050 (fax)





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