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Compliance Monitoring Types: Comprehensive, Industrial User, and Alternative definitions

Compliance Monitoring Types:



These inspections are designed to comprehensively determine compliance with the NPDES regulations.  These inspections are designed to capture the most common and complete NPDES inspections.  Examples include Compliance Evaluation Inspection (CEI) and Performance Audit Inspection (PAI).  One type can be selected from Audit, Biomonitoring, Diagnostic, Evaluation, Plan Review, Sampling, Schedule Evaluation, or Toxics.


Industrial User (CWA NPDES only)

These inspections apply only to the NPDES pretreatment program.  These are designed to evaluate whether NPDES control authorities are meeting their responsibilities.  Common inspections under this category include:  Evaluations, sampling, audits and toxics sampling.  One type can be selected from Audit, Evaluation, Sampling, or Toxics.


Alternative inspections/monitoring

These inspections are designed to capture less thorough, unique or unusual NPDES compliance monitoring activities.  Examples include:

Reconnaissance inspections, remote sensing monitoring, and statistically valid inspections.  One type can be selected from AFO Defined, AFO Designated, Aerial Photography, Case Development, Field Screening Sample, Follow-Up, Hyperspectral Imaging, Illegal Operators, Noncompliance Rate, Oversight, Reconnaissance with Sampling, Reconnaissance without Sampling, Remote Sensing, Satellite Imaging, or Witness Response Drill.


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