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Entering Federal Inspections into ICIS-NPDES and PCS for Non-migrated States

For EPA inspections conducted in states that have not yet migrated from PCS to ICIS-NPDES, there is still a need to do dual data entry of Federal inspections because PCS is used to count inspections for non-migrated states and ICIS is used to track ICDS activity.  It is very important that an inspection entered into ICIS-NPDES is linked to the same PCS facility ID that it is linked to in PCS.  Therefore: 1) enter the inspection into PCS for official inspection counting purposes, and 2) enter the inspection into ICIS-NPDES so the appropriate ICDS information can be entered and counted.  Where no PCS facility ID is found in ICIS-NPDES for a particular facility follow the directions below.


Data Entry:  Before entering a new inspection into ICIS-NPDES, first determine if an existing PCS facility ID is already in ICIS-NPDES by searching for the facility.  Some coordination may need to be done with NPDES staff to find existing PCS facility IDs.  If there is an existing PCS facility ID in ICIS-NPDES, follow the instructions on entering basic compliance monitoring activities including inspections under Tab 4 Inspector Tasks of the ICIS-NPDES/ICIS-FE&C User Manual (July 2006).


If there is not an existing PCS facility ID in ICIS you must first get the permit added to PCS.  To do this:


  1. Coordinate with NPDES staff so that the permit gets added to PCS.
  2. During the next refresh of FRS with PCS and ICIS this new PCS facility ID will be added to FRS from PCS and will be available in ICIS-NPDES.


Historical inspection data linked to ICIS Programmatic IDs or other facility interests can be updated.  Fortunately, there is a way to re-link an inspection entered against a separate ICIS Programmatic ID to the appropriate PCS facility ID.


1.   First, validate that ICIS has picked up the PCS permit ID from the FRS transfer by performing a Facility search. If the PCS facility ID does not yet exist in ICIS, coordinate with your NPDES staff or wait until the next FRS data transfer to ICIS. If the PCS facility ID does exist in ICIS, proceed to step 2.

2.     From the ICIS Home Page, click on "Search Compliance Monitoring Activities", find the inspection using the Facility Name and Inspection Date and click its Program ID to open the inspection record in Edit mode.

3.   At the top of the inspection page will be a section for Linked Facilities. In the Program Acronym Field, enter "PCS". In the Identifier Field, enter the 9-digit PCS ID number.

4.   Click "Validate".

5.   If the appropriate PCS permit information appears, go to the bottom of the inspection screen and click either "Save & Continue" or "Save & Exit".

6.     If no facility information appears, or the wrong facility information appears, click on the "Facilities" button on the right of the screen to perform a more thorough facility search.


Data Retrieval:  Inspections entered into PCS are extracted from PCS and detailed logic is provided in the certification workbook cell comments.  ICIS-NPDES ad hoc reports extract the inspection data entered into ICIS-NPDES.  The logic is provided in the certification workbook cell comments.  The NPDES inspection numbers extracted from PCS and ICIS-NPDES are added together to obtain total regional counts.


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