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Entry of Court Docket Number Required for Multi-Regional (National) Cases (03.22.2010)

Entering the Court Docket Number into ICIS for National Cases


Purpose:  Headquarters has had difficulties for years identifying the multiple ICIS records that relate to each national enforcement case.  By entering the Court Docket Number into ICIS for National cases, we will be able to easily identify in ICIS all regional pieces of national cases.  In addition, by using the Court Docket Number to track all the pieces of a national case, the regions will be able to maintain their unique regional nomenclature for case names.  For example, with cases involving multiple parties, some regions prefer to use a defendant’s name, and others prefer to use the site or facility name.  In the past, regions sometimes have been asked to rename their case in ICIS so that it would be easier to track all the regional pieces of a single National case.   


Another benefit of entering the Court Docket Number to ICIS concerns our data quality collaboration with the Department of Justice (DOJ).  Because DOJ uses the Court Docket Number (in addition to their DOJ case number) in their data system, we will be able to easily compare data, at least for the national cases, between our systems.


Data Entry:  In an attempt to better track all of the ICIS records that comprise national judicial cases, we are asking that ICIS users utilize the Court Docket Number field for national cases.  This field is found on the ICIS Enforcement Action Basic Info screen, under the Court Information Section.  The Court Docket number is stamped on the judicial complaint by the court clerk when the complaint is filed.  (It is also included on the first page caption of the consent decree.)  When you enter the complaint filed date into ICIS, please also enter the court docket number exactly as the court has recorded the number on the complaint and/or the consent decree.  (Note: This number will not be available prior to filing of the complaint.) 

(See attachment below)

Data Retrieval:  Headquarters will write a “national case report” to pull the national case data from ICIS using the multi-regional flag and the court docket number.

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