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Final Order Type for Multi Regional Cases: Non-Lead Participant in Multi-Regional Case (04.02.2008)

Additional New Final Order Type for Entering National (Multi-Regional) Cases to ICIS

Purpose:  ICIS release 2.8 also has provided a means to better distinguish in ICIS between the final order entered by the lead Region for a national case, and the national case conclusions entered by Regions that did not have the lead.  This will allow ICIS to count only one conclusion per national case, ending the current situation that requires us to manually subtract out of the case conclusion total all of the non-lead region national case conclusions.


Data Entry:  The new final order type added to ICIS is “Non-Lead Participant in Multi-Regional Case.”  This new choice is on the Final Order Type list for both civil judicial and administrative case conclusions.  Regions participating in a national case that are not the lead region for the case should select this final order type.  The lead Region should select the Final Order Type that would ordinarily be selected (usually either “Consent Decree or Order Resolving a Civil Judicial Action” or “Administrative Penalty Order with or without Injunctive Relief”). 


Even with this change to ICIS, it is imperative that all national cases be identified in ICIS as such in FY 2008.  All Regions participating in a national case must: 1) include in the enforcement action and final order names either "(NC)" or "(National Case)" and 2) contact the Office of Compliance, Reporting and Analysis Branch (Marissa Lynch) providing the ICIS enforcement action ID # so that the cases will be identified as multi-regional in ICIS.  This is more critical in FY 2008 that in past FYs because a number of ICIS reports, including the new Big Case Projection report, rely on the multi-regional flag to recognize national cases.


Data Retrieval:  Data on counts of lead-Region participation in national cases will be retrieved from ICIS using the FE&C national standard Civil Judicial Conclusion and FAPO reports.  Results obtained by all regions participating in a national case, both lead and non-lead, will be captured in the FE&C national standard Injunctive Relief, Penalty, SEP report posted in ICIS.  Counts for all Regions participating in national case conclusions (lead and non-lead) will be captured in the Big Case Key Management Measure 3 Report.


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