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RCRA Financial Assurance Data Entered into RCRAInfo

RCRA Financial Assurance Data Entered into RCRAInfo

Purpose:  As a reminder, the financial assurance (FA) module in a critical component of RCRAInfo that is used by EPA (HQ and Regions) and the States to ascertain what financial assurance a facility has submitted and to cross-verify submissions across Regions/States.  Financial assurance information is not captured in any other OECA database and EPA has responded to the Inspector General and the GAO that EPA will collect this data in a useable format to assist in compliance and enforcement.

During past financial assurance reviews OECA did find instances of facilities that did not disclose the extent of financial test obligations to all states.  The cross verification also assists reviewing a facility’s ability to cover all of its obligations.  OECA also uses the FA reports from RCRAInfo when it learns about issues related to the financial health of owners/operators, bankruptcies of specific companies, or compliance concerns with specific FA instruments. 


Data Entry:  The November 1, 2011 Financial Assurance Guidance document approved by the Change Management Coordination Group details all of the necessary data entry steps for financial assurance data into RCRAInfo.  This guidance document is available in RCRAInfo under News Alerts and General Information, RCRAInfo Documentation, Guidance Documents.


Data Retrieval:  Under “National and Implementer Reports” there are 12 financial assurance reports available to RCRAInfo users.

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