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Formal administrative enforcement actions in ICIS

There are several types of formal administrative enforcement actions in ICIS.  On the "Enforcement Action Detail" screen the "Enforcement Action Type" field lists all the authorizing law sections which allow EPA to take an administrative action. The "Sections Violated" field lists all the law sections that can be violated. 

On the "Enforcement Action Conclusion" screen the administrative "Settlement Action Types" are:

–        Administrative Compliance Orders;  

–          Administrative Penalty Order Conclusions With or Without Injunctive Relief;

–          Federal Facility Compliance Agreement (FFCA) (not Including RCRA Matters);

–          Proposed Administrative Settlement*; and

–          Superfund Administrative Order for Cost Recovery.

–          Notice of Determination for Voluntary Disclosures.

*Proposed administrative settlements are not counted for any OECA National reporting.

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