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Entering Cashout settlements in ICIS

Money allocated as CERCLA 107A "cashouts" will be entered into ICIS using the Cost Recovery field because ICIS does not have a separate field for cashouts as CERCLIS does. This solution is the best work-around option. Past cost money (whether placed in a site-specific special account for future work or deposited in the Superfund Trust Fund as a cost recovery) will also be entered into ICIS using the Cost Recovery field. The value of work PRPs will perform will be entered into ICIS using the injunctive relief data fields.


OSRE states that the allocation of the funds received through case conclusions are generally defined in two possible documents: 1) the settlement document (e.g., consent decree or administrative order on consent, or 2) a 10-point summary document attached to the settlement. One of these documents will generally allocate and define the type (i.e., cashout/future costs and/or past costs) of money included in the settlement.


This guidance was revised in 2008. Please see the following in IPOD:





Interim Guidance on Reporting Volume of Contaminated Media Addressed and Injunctive Relief Value for Certain Types of CERCLA107 and/or 122 Cash-Out Settlements (09-28-2008).


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