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Revised Instructions for Reporting RCRA Cases for FY08 End-of-Year Reporting (Estimated Pounds of Hazardous Waste Treated, Minimized or Properly Disposed of)


Attached is guidance for entering and reporting direct environmental benefits for the new pilot environmental benefits category titled, "pounds of hazardous waste treated, minimized, or properly disposed of." The category was implemented for EOY FY 2008, and has been continued into FY 2009. In FY 2008, this category was used to report environmental benefits obtained through certain RCRA hazardous waste (Subtitle C) enforcement cases pertaining to the use of RCRA §7003 authority which typically involves in-/ex-situ treatment, removal and containment activity types. However, hazardous waste treatment and waste minimization activities are applicable to Subtitle C cases enforced under §7003 authority and the environmental benefits should be reported similarly in pounds rather than volume of contaminated medium. In FY 2009 it is likely that this category will be expanded to capture environmental benefits from certain CERCLA cases as well based on the type of complying action that is being implemented.


See also Attachment 5 to the FY 2009 Reporting Plan.


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