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Federal Facilities - Final Guidance on Identifying Federal Facility Activities and Ownership in ICIS (06.30.2011)

How to mark an activity as “Federal Facilities” in ICIS

Utilize the “Federal Facility Activity” field to mark any enforcement action, inspection, compliance determination, etc as a “federal facility activity”.

(See Attachment)

The Federal Facility Activity field has three choices: 

Federal Facility - Traditional federal facility, military base, federal land or federal agency impacting private property


Non-Federal Party Impacting Federal Property – Activity involving contractors on federal property (construction, asbestos abatement, etc) or spills migrating to federal property


No Federal Facility Involvement – No federal agency or federal property are involved

When needed, use the “Federal Facility Activity Comment” field to explain in more detail why a case is considered a “federal facility” activity.


Enforcement action and inspection information specific to Federal Facilities is used for OTIS/ECHO, EOY reporting, regional progress reports, and as part of the annual enforcement results website. Because this field is specific to activities and now ownership, it does not update FRS or any of the other data systems with a federal facility ownership field.


How to mark the ownership of a facility as “Federal” in ICIS


As noted above, “Federal Facility” activities can occur at both privately owned and government owned facilities which is why activities are marked separately from facility ownership.


The ICIS facility module has a field called “Type of Ownership”. Use this field to mark the owner of a facility as a “federal facility” when a federal agency owns the facility listed in the record.


 (See attachment)


This information is used for tracking Significant Non-Compliance and other stats under the NPDES program.


***The facility “type of ownership” field can only be updated when the actual facility record is an “ICIS interest”. This means if the facility record was created in any other data system (RCRAInfo, AFS, SDWIS, etc) and then imported into ICIS the other system “owns” the record and this information cannot be updated.


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