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Properly Reporting Enforcement Actions Addressing the CAA NSR/PSD National Priority


OECA's CAA NSR/PSD national priority originally focused on addressing coal-fired power plant facilities and during the FY 2005-2007 cycle the direction of the NSR/PSD priority shifted to other sectors (besides coal fired power plants) that have the same types of issues and have the potential to produce significant environmental benefits. Pursuant to a memo dated October 13, 2005, from EPA Deputy Administrator Marcus Peacock, OECA is revising the NSR/PSD Strategy to account for new Agency rule-makings affecting coal-fired power plants. OECA's Office of Civil Enforcement has identified three additional sectors that the Regions should be looking at:


1) Cement manufacturing


2) Sulfuric and Nitric Acid Plants


3) Major source glass plants


If a Region engages in an enforcement action addressing one of the three sectors listed above, the action should be identified in ICIS as addressing the OECA National Priority "NSR/PSD Non-coal fired power plants." Only enforcement actions addressing these three sectors should be identified as "NSR/PSD Non-coal fired power plants."


The CAA NSR/PSD Strategy Summary can be found at


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