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Reporting the Denial of a "Request to Import" of pesticides under FIFRA and Associated Environmental Benefits

Some FIFRA programs in the Regions receive requests from US Customs to review and either allow or deny a "Request to Import" pesticides.  These requests can be approved by EPA, but if the pesticide is not registered for instance the request is denied.

In order to enter this activity into ICIS as a formal enforcement action a formal administrative action (compliance order or penalty order) must be issued in response to the denial of the pesticide import.  If a formal administrative action is issued then follow these steps for data entry into ICIS:


add an administrative formal action,

select FIFRA 17C Importation enforcement action type,

select FIFRA 12A1A Unregistered pesticide as the statute/section violated

the final order type would be either a compliance order or a penalty order which ever was utlized.

environmental benefits can be entered under FIFRA 12A1A under Direct - Pesticide Refused Entry, Unregistered Pesticide is the pollutant, and the benefit calculated in pounds

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