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Case Conclusion Data Sheet (CCDS) data uses for EPA and OECA

The data from completed CCDS forms are entered by each of the EPA’s Regional offices into OECA’s enforcement and compliance data system, ICIS.  The data are used:


•              to report OECA’s accomplishments under the Government Planning and Results Act (GPRA) on an annual basis;

•              as a management tool to assess regional case performance;

•              to describe the results of our enforcement program to the public, Congress, and others.


OECA’s emphasis on the environmental benefits of its compliance and enforcement activities is growing, and OECA needs to be able to assess the impact and benefit to the environmental from these actions.  The data collected on the CCDS is key to achieving this goal and therefore improving the quality of the CCDS data, which has been an imperative of the Agency.  Most recently, the importance of this data has been made clear by the fact that Regions certify that the estimates of environmental benefits were calculated using current guidance and methodologies, and are complete and entered into ICIS.


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