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Revised Guidance on Tracking Civil Judicial Consent Decree Implementation in ICIS (10.22.10)

From:                     John Dombrowski/DC/USEPA/US

To:                          Enforcement Division Directors, Carl Dierker/R1/USEPA/US@EPA, Pam Hill/R1/USEPA/US@EPA, Eric Schaaf/R2/USEPA/US@EPA, Marcia Mulkey/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Mary Wilkes/R4/USEPA/US@EPA, Robert Kaplan/R5/USEPA/US@EPA, Suzanne Murray/R6/USEPA/US@EPA, David Cozad/R7/USEPA/US@EPA, Robert Ward/RC/R8/USEPA/US@EPA, Nancy Marvel/R9/USEPA/US@EPA, Allyn Stern/R9/USEPA/US@EPA

Cc:                          Enforcement Coordinators, ICIS FE&C System Contacts, Lisa Lund/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, David Hindin/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Adam Kushner/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Pam Mazakas/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Marion Herz/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Lauren Kabler/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Daniel Palmer/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Jon Silberman/DC/USEPA/US@EPA, Lucy Reed/DC/USEPA/US@EPA

Date:                      10/22/2010 11:40 AM

Subject:                 Revised Guidance on Tracking Civil Judicial Consent Decree Implementation in ICIS



Regional Enforcement Directors and Regional Counsel - Attached is the revised CD Tracking Measures Guidance.   The key changes described in the revised guidance are:


1) Bankruptcy CDs are no longer being tracked under the revised guidance.


2) There is a new field added to ICIS that relates to the CD compliance milestones required to be tracked under the CD Tracking Guidance.  The new field allows the region to indicate that a milestone has passed and not been achieved because the defendant did not perform (e.g., did not pay the penalty).  The new field, titled, "Schedule Date Missed," should be checked whenever the schedule date is missed and it is because the defendant did not perform.


3) Cases exit the CD tracking universe now when there is a date entered into either the Enforcement Action Closed field on the Milestones Screen or in the Actual Termination Date field on the Final Order Screen.  Regions should use the Actual Termination Date filed when a case has multiple final orders being tracked, all of which are not yet closed.


New reports are now posted in ICIS that reflect the changes implemented through this guidance. 


The data entry deadline for the CD tracking measures is November 19, 2010.  Please make every effort to assure that the necessary CD Tracking Data has been entered to ICIS for all CD's that are being tracked under the revised CD tracking Guidance.


If you have questions concerning the revised guidance please contact Daniel Palmer at 202-564-5034.


Thank you.


(See attachment)

John M. Dombrowski, P.E.


Enforcement Targeting and Data Division, OECA/OC

Tele. 202-566-0742

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