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Tracking CAA Petroleum Refining Flaring Event Activities (04.02.2008)

Tracking CAA Petroleum Refining Flaring Event Activities

Purpose:  Beginning in FY 2008, the Regions are required to enter data into ICIS for every “flaring event” report submitted under an active Clean Air Act petroleum refining or other consent decree (CD) that contains provisions related to flaring events.


Data Entry:  The data on the flaring event should be entered into ICIS using the compliance schedule screen (found within the final order screen) within 14 days of EPA’s formal response to a CD-required report on a flaring event.  Because flaring events covered by refinery CDs are by definition episodic and unscheduled, they should be identified on the compliance schedule screen as a “non-recurring event” for purposes of data entry.  The information to be entered to ICIS consists of the following: 1) the date that the report detailing the flaring event, its root cause and corrective action (if any) was submitted by the defendant/facility to EPA, 2) the date of EPA’s formal response to the flaring report, 3) the amount of stipulated penalties assessed (if any), and 4) other information on the reported flaring event. 


Enter flaring event data to ICIS as follows:


Within the enforcement module, go to the “Final Order” screen and then the “Compliance Schedule” screen.  Find the “Schedule Event” field, select “Flaring Event Response” from the drop-down list.  Into the “Schedule Date” field enter the date that the flaring report was submitted by the refinery.  Into the “Actual Date” field, enter the date of the formal EPA response to the flaring event.  Into the “Amount” field, enter the amount of stipulated penalties assessed for the flaring event (if no penalties are assessed, enter $0).  (Note, the stipulated penalties associated with a flaring event must also be entered to ICIS pursuant to existing guidance.  See IPOD for guidance on entering stipulated penalty data to ICIS.)  Into the “Comments” field, enter information on the type of flaring event reported and the frequency of the event within the preceding 12 months on a rolling basis (e.g., “This is the 4th acid gas flaring event within the preceding 12 months.”).  This information is found in the body of the EPA response.  Leave the rest of the “Non-recurring Event” data fields blank.


Data Retrieval:  A new ICIS ad hoc report will be developed to retrieve the flaring event data.


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