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Adding several pollutant reductions to the complying action/cost recovery screen

Each pollutant must be added one at a time.  There are three categories of complying actions: direct environmental reductions, preventative, and facility management and information practices (FMIP).  You can enter quantified environmental reductions for direct environmental reductions and preventative actions.  You can not enter any pollutant reduction information for FMIPs.


To enter your pollutant reductions, first select the appropriate choice:  direct environmental reduction or preventative action.  Then, enter the pollutant/chemical/waste stream name.  You can search the pollutants to see if yours is already available on the drop down list.  Next, enter the amount, the correct unit, and media being affected by the reduction.  Click the “Save” button.  Then, go back to the direct environmental reduction or preventative section and enter the next pollutant following the same steps.  Click “Save” after you enter each pollutant.  See the 2005 edition of the Case Conclusion Data Sheet Guidance.


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