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Entering a Referral that Follows on a Pre-Referral Negotiation Package 03-11-11

When a Region sends a "referral" (comprised of a "full litigation report") to the Department of Justice that follows on the earlier "referral" of a pre-referral negotiation (PRN) "mini-litigation report" (typically because the pre-referral negotiations failed to achieve a timely settlement) that "referral" should be entered into ICIS using one of the referral milestones.  The post-PRN "referral" will be counted as a separate referral.  If your enforcement action reaches the "Referred to DOJ" milestone the region will receive OECA accomplishment credit for the referral.


Historical OECA guidance on PRN's: "Process for Conducting Pre-Referral Settlement Negotiations on Civil Judicial Enforcement Cases," April 13, 1988.  See also,


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Updated by OC/RAB on 3/11/2011

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