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Supplemental referral definition, and how to enter it into ICIS

Supplemental Referral Definition

            A civil enforcement matter referred to DOJ that supplements or supercedes a case that was previously referred.  The referral may contain a request to DOJ for enforcement of the existing case or seek to amend the existing case by adding additional counts of violations (e.g., violations at different facilities, violations under different statutes) or by adding additional defendant/respondent/PRP(s). 


            If there is an existing referral entered in ICIS, and an additional package concerning that case is referred to DOJ, this should be entered into ICIS as a Supplemental Referral under the same enforcement action.  Do not create a new action, or enforcement action identifier, for the Supplemental Referral.


            To enter a Supplemental Referral open the enforcement action in ICIS that was created for the original referral.  Click on “Subactivities.”  Click on “Add Subactivity.”  Review the drop down list of Milestone choices and select from the three Supplemental Referral options.  Also, enter the appropriate information especially “Actual Date” which is the date of the cover letter package to DOJ.


There are three types of Supplemental Referrals tracked in ICIS:

            1)         Supplemental referrals adding parties or counts (new violations),

            2)         Supplemental referrals for consent decree enforcement, and

            3)         Supplemental referrals for special situations (e.g., Other).


See Also

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