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Receiving credit for a supplemental referral not adding parties, or counts, or enforcing a CD (e.g., other)

Supplemental Referral - Other

            A civil enforcement matter referred to DOJ concerning a case that was previously referred that contains unusual situations that does not add violations or parties or enforce the existing case.


Information entered into ICIS at this stage should be supported by one of the following source documents:

–          Consent Decree referral;

–          Litigation Referral Package;

–          Referral Letter; or

–          Transmittal Memo that is signed by the Regional Administrator or designee.          


To receive accomplishment credit for a Supplemental Referral - Other:

•           a ‘Supplemental Referral - Other’ sub activity must be entered into ICIS at the enforcement action record that matches the existing judicial                    case; and

•           the date the referral is signed by the Regional Administrator or designee should be entered as the ‘actual date’ of the ‘Supplemental Referral -          Other’ sub activity. 


Note:  Multiple ‘Supplemental Referral - Other’ sub activities may be entered under an enforcement action.        


See Also

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