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No US address (in this case, a Canadian facility)


ICIS 1.0 cannot accept non-US addresses. EPA can not regulate non-US facilities however there are times when it would be useful to enter information related to non-US facilities in ICIS. ICIS 2.0, scheduled to be released in June 2006, will accept facility information for US and non-US entities. Examples of non-US entities engaged with OECA over compliance matters include:


-a Canandian company was exporting unregistered pesticide into the United States. OECA attempted to get the Canadian company to cease and desist however our requests were ignored. Instead, OECA enforced the US establishments which were receiving and distributing the unregistered, illegal material. It would be useful to include the name and address of the non-US company related to this matter to identify the source of the violation.


-A Canandian company was exporting vehicles with engine which do not conform to CAA mobile source standards. OECA can not enforce against the Canandian exporter or US importer. However, US Customs, in conjunction with guidance from EPA, addresses the matter at the border and seized the illegal equipment. It would be helpful to enter the name and address of the non-US company related to this matter in case of future violations and in case the company opens a US affiliate which can be enforced.

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