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Entering a Federal Facility Agreement (FFA) and a Federal Facility Record of Decision (ROD) into ICIS

Beginning in FY 2008, there is new guidance on entering Federal Facility Agreements (FFAs) and Federal Facility Record of Decision (RODs) into ICIS.  The Reporting Plan for FY 2008, Attachment 5, describes the reasons for requiring entry of this data to ICIS. 


Draft guidance produced by the Federal Facility Enforcement Office describing the procedures for entering this data into ICIS is attached. 


1. Major changes in FY08 include the following:

-Ability to enter environmental benefits under CERCLA Section 120(e)

-Updated category names for identifying Federal facility activities under enforcement action and final order types

-Recording environmental benefits in ICIS for ROD amendments, Explanation of Significant Differences (ESD), and Removal Actions under the newly added final order type “Enforceable Final Order Activity Producing Results”


2. Because of the new ability to enter environmental benefits under CERCLA Section 120(e), it is NO longer necessary to include CERCLA Section 106(a) along with CERCLA Section 120(e) for benefits to be recorded.


3. The first ROD and subsequent RODs addressing additional operable units will be entered under the associated FFA record as separate case conclusions/settlements (note: in ICIS, case conclusions are Final Orders)

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